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Friday, February 03, 2006
I'm a non-believer. I don't believe in the existence of a God. I don't believe in the Christian dogma. I find it horrifyingly silly. The intolerance that flows from organized religion is the most dangerous thing on the planet.
Jane Rule

Headline: Tornadoes Blow Through New Orleans.

Two tornadoes at least hit and caused some damage at the airport and the part of the city hit worst by Katrina. The tornadoes didn’t kill anyone.
I can’t wait for Pat Robertson to tell us all about why God has attacked this city again.
You would think if God was so powerful he could destroy a city on the first try.
The more enlightened people supposedly become the more touchy they seem to get. The ranting of Robertson and some of the other fundamentalists who keep trying to force their beliefs on everyone and preach hate of anyone who is different is the work of armatures compared to others intolerance.
The Jews hate the Muslims and the Muslims hate the Jews and the Christians not to mention any other religion and even other sects of their own religion. It seems that the most important tenants of many religions are intolerance of anything they think shows disrespect or questions their beliefs.

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The cartoons that were published in September in a Danish newspaper are now being used to whip up hate towards Foreign devils in Muslim countries. Most notably Palestine, Pakistan and Indonesia where their have been kidnappings and attacks on Embassies. Islamic leaders in Iraq are urged worshipers to stage demonstrations after their weekly prayer services Friday. So I’m sure their will be a number of them that will devolve into violence. All this because they are afraid that drawings of Muhammad will foster Idolatry.

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The Catholic church was upset some time ago when this photo was published of the new Pope. It was unintentional but the paper still had to apologize. I think it was an act of God to show his opinion of the Cardinals choice.

I think that in the more Religion of any kind tries to force itself into government forcing their view on the people the closer we come to a true religious war. I think Palestine’s and Israel’s days are numbered, and the more the U.S. allows the religious right to dictate policy and interferes with things in the Mideast the more haltered and violence will be directed towards us.
Religion sure has helped to bring enlightenment to the people of the world, and fostered peaceful tolerance of others.
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  • At 11:23 AM, Blogger Babs

    Love thy neighbor, but blow them up first.

    You're posting a lot.... I'm impressed...

  • At 1:48 PM, Blogger leo myshkin

    i wonder why the good muslims of the world don't ever question muhammed for usurping the power of allah.

    from what i have learned, allah was the man until muhammed got a little power hungry.

  • At 12:15 AM, Blogger yellowdog granny

    i worship at your feetess..you spake the truth..verily i say...yup....if there really was a god..pat robinson would be pushing up toadstools...

  • At 4:26 AM, Blogger apositivepessimist

    what! was this cartoon published in SEPTEMBER and they are getting pissed off about it just NOW. saw them all earlier on the news at the danish and chilean embassy being trashed and torched. i been trying to think of something/anything that could be satirised thru a cartoon enough to raise my ire to such a degree.

    yes i am still thinking.

  • At 8:10 AM, Anonymous deca_b at yahoo

    As a proud Israeli, i would like to say that:
    There is no Palestine (yet).Jews don't hate Muslims. The burned embassy was is Lebanon.I hope my days are not numbered. If they are, you are next my friend!

    Sorry, but your opinions are somewhat ignorant.

    I am not a religious person (most israelis are not religious, mind you) - and i agree that religion should not take any part in government policy.

    But i think that you missed the whole point. Terror and Extreme Muslims don't only hate jews, they hate the west and western values, our values. You can say that you as an american don't want to pay the price for that, and that it's not your business, and i truely understand you for that. But if you don't fight now - Democracy days are numbered! Terror and blackness will reach your door my friend. Think about that.