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Saturday, February 27, 2010
Music is moonlight in the gloomy night of life.
Jean Paul

I don't listen to music nearly as much as I did when I was a long haired Hippy in the late 60s and early 70's. I now find that the type of music I listen to is much more varied and depends on the mood I'm in. I like all kinds of music though I think Rap is better when recited as poetry without the background noise.

I was pondering this tonight and began to think about how my choice of music depends on what I have gone through and the mood I'm in because of it.
This may be obvious to you but I don't spend much time in self examination, or as I call it contemplating my navel.

Sometimes if I have been getting bored because every day, TV shows, or web sites seem to be more of the same I will be delighted to find something new like this little number. 

I will also sometimes be captivated by something that is posted on someone's blog and then find and listen to everything I can find by that performer.
I have Kali to thank for the enjoyment I've gotten from this selection.

There are also times when I have had Doctor appointments or having a passel of Grandkids to take care of all day and or night. When everything is finally quite and I am relaxing I often prefer music like this.
The most memorable time this brings to mind is my first night home from the hospitals after 5 months.I'm in my special bed with the lights out and I realized that there would be nobody coming in all night to poke me and check my vitals, though I did see The Boss peek in to make sure I was still there a couple of times.

This song often reminds me of that night.

Sometimes I start feeling sorry for myself.
I regret my wasted youth and think, Boy if I knew then what I know now.
The truth is I would have made the same or possibly even worse mistakes.
This little ditty will usually knock me back into the real world.

Then there are days like Thursday when I spend almost all my waking hours following the great health care summit and all the political junkies and spin doctors trying to tell me that this was a victory for the Republicans and how they bent over backwards to protect the people's (Bless their little hearts) desires because everyone knows they are not for health care. Not to mention the Democrats fear of doing anything that would make people think they had balls.
There is only one video I have found that will bring me down before I  blow a gasket and have to go back to the hospital.

I hope my two readers enjoy.

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Thursday, February 25, 2010
And then they hit a big wall of re-election and the pettiness of politics.
In the end, politics gets in the way of the business of people.
Kevin Costner

Maybe I mentioned how much I like this guy.

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

I can't believe it but watching this Special Comment from Feb. 24th caused me to have what I guess was a flashback to my time in Intensive Care.
I shared so many problems with His father that it was spooky.
Abdominal surgery, Massive and repeated infections, constant tests and procedures, (I had 15 operations), multiple X-Rays to the point of my hair falling out, Morphine, Prozac, Zolof, and just about any other drugs to keep me calm and fight all the infections.
I also had kidney and liver failure, heart problems and respiratory failure. I went through Dialysis every other day and was poked hourly for blood sugar and had a constant blood oxygen sensor on. I had at one point 6 drains and several IVs plus a Dialysis shunt and something called a G-Tube where a lot of my medicines and all my food went. I was on a nothing by mouth for weeks not even ice chips.
I also remember The Wall as Keith calls it, though hitting mine was a little different.
You have to understand that here in Cambridge Ohio we have one hospital and over years and years it has gotten the reputation of being a place that you went to to die. At least 40% of the people here refuse to go there to the point that if they arrive in an ambulance their families would have them moved to the hospitals 30 to 80 miles away the second they were stable enough. Maybe I should have taken this more seriously judging by what happened to me.
I hit a wall suddenly after a few weeks when I surfaced from the drug induced dream world. I couldn't talk and had lost so much weight I couldn't even hold a pen to write. But I finally got The Boss and my family to understand that I was convinced I was going to die in that room and all I wanted was to get out to someplace else.
They with my Doctors most of whom I trusted as they were the ones who saved my life after my first surgery proved to be a major oops convinced me that if they tried to move me I would die before I got out of the building. I was a little sick I guess.
Over the next couple of weeks when I surfaced form the alternate realities the drugs provided I kept trying to take off my gown and disconnect myself from all the wires and tubes. I was gonna walk out even though I couldn't even move my leg away from the bed rail if it was touching it which could get pretty painful.
That was my wall and I don't know how much worse it would have gotten if an accountant with my insurance company hadn't one day decided that I had been in ICU for 59 days and didn't need that level of care any longer.
So they had to move me 30 miles away to a critical care place. The only person who was happy about this seemed to be me. I thought my surgeon and the ICU Doctor who kept telling anyone who would listen that I was the strongest person they had ever seen were both going to have strokes they were so mad. But away I went and only had a few major infections while I was at the next place.

 This is what I looked like a couple of months ago.

Anyway, I hope that Keith's father gets as lucky as I did.

I got good news yesterday, the abscess that I had at the base of my spine is closed and no longer needs to have dressings. The hole in my gut is still the size of a softball though.

On the bright side I haven't had an infection in 4 weeks.

I'm ready to party now!

My insurance was canceled after 6 months but lucky for me I was carried on The Boss' plan which so far is covering everything.
I would be in the hole for well over $1,000,000.00 If I had to pay for it myself and that was just through Oct. 25th.

But I never felt like telling someone to kill me.
Selfish of me.
Well, except when The Boss' friend cut off my ponytail.

The bums in Congress just don't seem to get it.
If they don't start getting real things done the crazies on the far right are going to be the only choice in the next election that will not seem like more of the same.

That's more scary than 2 months in the ICU.

Way past my bedtime and I can go now as the Grandkids who are staying here have no school again due to snow. This picture is from about 9 days ago.
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Sunday, February 21, 2010

The RCMP might object though.
Like Sarah Palin they have no sense of humor.
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Friday, February 12, 2010
Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.
Henry Ford 

I stole this but there is a link at the end.

I figured I had to post something as people have started writing comments on my Happy New Year post again.

It's also pretty damn funny.

Hilarious Toilet cigarette
Uploaded by hassoun. - See more comedy videos.

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