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Monday, September 14, 2009
On The Road Again
Here is the test to find whether your mission on Earth is finished: if you're alive, it isn't.
Richard Bach

I got moved to a rehab and live in care unit. I don't have a phone and The Boss swiped my cell phone cause hers broke.
I have been doing rehab on my whole body. I use a walker and a wheelchair.
I found out why It's taking so long to heal, The doc. waited 6 days to cut me thinking all I needed was some Exlaxe. It turns out that it was a blood vessal that had a clot so by the time he opened me and took out 12" of small intestine it was too late. A few days later another surgon was drawing fiuid from my belly and got fresh blood instead of water.
He opened me up again and found that who;e repair fell apard and he had to keep me open for another week to get all the dead tissue out. Now I have a big hole in my stomach (about 8 more inches taken out) and clear up the septosiemia. Turns 0out that the first surgen has 6 pending lawsuits and settles them out of court. My daughter has a friend woh sued him for $500,000.00 She selleled for $250,000.00. She called the lawer who handeled the case and before she evev outlined all the screw-ups he said he would take the case and ask for a lot more. He will be here tomorrow to get more details and get my records fore his doctors to look at. who knows I might be able to get a new computer soon. I didn't know, most of that time I was in a comc or taking Morphine.
The insurance kicked me out of the last hospital and are acting like there going to do the same here. Then I'll have to go home and the rehab lady will come to my home as long as I need help. Thay may kick me out of here tomorrow.
As you can tell by the mistakes I'm making I still have the shakes bad. They said It could take 6 or more monthes to get all the drugs out of my mellon.
Don't send email as the is the rehabs computer and they don't like it when you download stuff. I missed another Westfest. come to think of it I missed spring and summer too.
Talk at you later.

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