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Friday, February 03, 2006
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I have reserves to join the battle with the cockroaches and cats if I need them.
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  • At 11:28 AM, Blogger Babs

    Cool, that's about the size of my cockroaches... We have big cockroaches in Tejas...
    My WMD cats would love some more play mieces... they love them to pieces... or bat them under the oven and the fridge. They prefer them to be seasoned with cat nip, but if the mice can move on their own free will, they'll chase them and leave misc body parts for me to step on later.

  • At 12:12 AM, Blogger yellowdog granny

    babs texas size cockroaches will kick your uzi shooting mices, wall climbing spiders asses...we will make chili out of those furry little fuckers...

    why am i getting all worked up over cockroaches and spiders..? i need a life.