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Sunday, August 28, 2005
Second Star To The Left And On Till Morning.
If we are going to teach creation science as an alternative to evolution, then we should also teach the stork theory as an alternative to biological reproduction.
Judith Hayes

Santa Clause, The Easter Bunny, The Tooth Faerie, Lepracans and their pot of gold, and the Bogyman under my bed.

I believe in all of the above.

There are people who are trying to make me believe that all of the things that they do are done by people or God.

Well I want them all taught in Kansas schools along with Evolution and Creationism.

Of course we will have to cut back on teaching Math and Science not to mention English and any non approved subjects like Art and Music, (other than Christian hymns, or patriotic marching music).

We can't teach the depiction of the human form as we are created in Gods image and He's shy.

Of course, we can't teach Sex Education. Let's face it sex is a myth and the only way to be a good person is through abstinence.

Of course the minute you get your Education and start making money you are free to find the perfect other, and go at it like bunnies to make more good Christian Solders who can fight whatever good fight people like Pat Robertson proclaim as God's will.

I can't go to bed now. I think Pat Robertson and Anne Colter are under my bed and will make me crazy like them. I can almost hear them whispering to me in my sleep.( Love Bush, Kill democratic leaders who oppose Bush.) For the record I have been in love with Bush from the time I knew what it was (Thank you Playboy).

Now this guy who is always on vacation, I think he is bug shit crazy and determined to bring about Armageddon to justify his beliefs.

All of you who voted for Bush/Chainy, a word of advice. Buyer beware!

I should say that this rambling rant is the result of reading about the Cabazon Dinosaurs.
This is a 45 foot concrete Apatosaurus on Interstate 10 near Palm Springs. It seems the attraction has new owners who are really big Intelligent design champions.

They say that the dinosaurs were created at the same time as Adam and Eve and were part of Noah's passenger list during the flood.

There is a $25 Million creationist museum in Petersburg Ky., They are putting evolutionists on notice that they are taking the dinosaurs back.

There are other Jurassic tourist attractions across the country that have been converted to religious dogma.

Peter Pan is my role model and I believe in Tinker bell, and always will.
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