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Wednesday, November 02, 2005
Well, I finally did it. I finally hit a deer.
I was driving my old Dodge Intrepid home from visiting my Stepdad. My 16 year old Son was in the front right seat with my 14 year old son right behind him.
We were going down a hill on a two lane highway, only going about 45 when a deer appeared ahead... I slowed down to give it time to pass and was at about 25 MPH and it was off the road when a full grown buck with horns tried to jump past us.
He hit the driver’s side hood up onto the passenger side windshield and over the side of the car. Broken headlights and a hood that is all rippled and a broken windshield, but it held together except for a couple of small holes. The dear went down for a couple of minutes and managed to get up and into the woods soon after, with a hurt leg. The boys got a good look at how big a deer really is before he left.
My 16 year old is learning to drive right now and like me seems content to take his time. Yesterday I told him about a wreck on the other side of the state where 4 boys a little older than him wrapped their car around a tree and were all killed.
I think living through the suddenness of a real accident where you know you can’t do one thing to avoid it has taught him more.
So there can be good in something like this. I’m just glad we didn’t get hurt. People get killed when dear hit their windshields all the time.
Well enough rambling it’s almost time for bed. :)
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