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Sunday, September 11, 2005
Football Blues
Gentlemen, it is better to have died a small boy than to fumble this football.
-- John Heisman

I don’t watch collage football much not since Air Force was undefeated and got classed second to one of the big state collages when the state schools only loss was to Air Force.

The ranking seems to be based more on money than ability.

I could be full of crap, but I think it’s even worse now. Seems like too much money and influence to be trusted.

Still Texas did beat OSU in their first ever meeting.

The Buckeye fate seems to have been sealed by a fumble in the last minute or so, their only turnover. Still it was a great game and if I hadn’t been watching NASCARI might have seen more of the game.
I'm not a NASCAR regular either.
See how Bloging is making me a renascence man?
Well at least more plugged in.

We should encourage the people who are charged with protecting us and making our lives better to spend a little time reading Blogs and not listening to the pollsters and their handlers who have their own agenda.

Then again if bodies floating down the streets in New Orleans and people who are now being held in shelters where if they leave they are not allowed back don’t make an impression, what will?

Maybe if we took the contracts away from their friends, and stopped buying their products that would get their attention.

Then again, they are pretty dense.
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