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Wednesday, November 02, 2005
Observable Differences
Just something that has bugged me that I read yesterday.
I'm just throwing this out there, and realize that it seems to apply to all of the Beltway Bandits, regardless of political ideology.
Scooter is under indictment and must as is his right prepare a defense team.
If I was being charged with a crime I too would be looking for a Lawyer to defend me. I would probably have to find some way to pay for his services, as the laws guaranteeing representation are very hard to satisfy if you own anything.
Here is what I would like people to ponder though.
I'm in trouble I get a Lawyer.
Scooter gets in trouble he starts assembling a defense team, (needed in a case of this magnitude I suppose.) but why is a large part of the team he is putting together a public relations organization to handle spin. How is that part of a criminal defense in a court of law? He's not even an elected official.
Sorry this is a little scattered but the mindset behind it just bugs me. :)
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