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Wednesday, February 08, 2006
Random Ruminations
Middle age is the awkward period when Father Time starts catching up with Mother Nature.
Harold Coffin

Well, I didn’t win at bingo on my birthday. The Boss on the other hand won $1000.00. Don’t tell the IRS. When we got home I was tired and went to sleep at night. It was a 2 hour drive each way and 5 hours of bingo.
I don’t think I said anything about my Doctors visit on 2 February. He said that my last blood tests were right down the middle normal as far as liver function. He was so happy he took me off the Prednisone (Steroids). And doubled my Imuran dosage to 200MG. I was only taking 2 1/2MG of Prednisone anyway but I did get a surprise. I’m back to falling asleep at strange times and waking up every hour or so.
The only dream I can remember this past week is one where I was living the Dean Koontz book I’m reading (The Vision) and woke up and thought I was still in the dream for a minute. That is a sure sign that 7 Koontz books in a row may be to many. Time to delve into the bookshelves and find someone else I guess.
Maybe Heinlein’s The Number Of The Beast or Friday. I’m not a big fan of Stranger In A strange Land.
I’ll have to check and see when Tom Clancy is going to come out with a new fiction novel. I kinda miss Jack Ryan and Mister Clark.
They found that I still have the bacteria present that caused the abscess that is still not healed. The antibiotics they gave me won’t kill it so I got a new one called Levaquin. I sure am glad I have good medical insurance. Normally I pay $6.00 for pills if they are generic. Levaquin has no Generic substitute. The cost to me for 10 pills, $25.00. The cost without insurance for 10 pills, $137.99. for that price it better make me 40 pounds lighter, 20 years younger and a whole lot smarter. My right cheek will not heal all the way till the infection is cleared up.
Enough boring health talk I would like to get back to work as it’s a sure bet I can’t make a living at bingo. My latest profile says March 2nd. Besides I seemed to be able to post more Blogs when I’m working. When I’m there I have more time to plan them I guess.
I sure don’t think about the work. They can buy my body but not my mind.
I’m thinking about becoming a blond so I will know the answers to the questions in my last post.
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  • At 12:52 AM, Blogger yellowdog granny

    damn sweety your in worse shape than i am..and im falling apart..hope you get to feeling better

  • At 11:29 AM, Blogger leo myshkin

    i'm currently re-reading stranger in a strange land for about the fifth time. every time is a little different. this time i keep thinking about the bet he had with l ron hubbard about starting a religion.

  • At 4:30 AM, Blogger Babs

    I would not want to be stuck in a dream Koontz book!!! Arghhhh!!!
    Hope the new antibiotic works well. I think that's the one I took for that freaky thing on my leg. The doc gave me free samples.