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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I have always argued that change becomes stressful and overwhelming only when you've lost any sense of the constancy of your life. You need firm ground to stand on. From there, you can deal with that change.
Richard Nelson Bolles

I believe that you can get through anything if you have the support of your family.
As some of you know I have had a few little setbacks in my life over the last 15 months. I first had to have neck surgery right before Thanksgiving 2003. It went well and I was home for Turkey day which was a good thing because I’m the best cook in the family, even with a neck brace on. I was off work for 5 months though waiting for the bone to grow together in the space where there used to be a disk. I started Blogging at the evil site during that time and met some of you.
Last Year in October I started on my current odyssey. In the last 7 months I have had 2 stays in the hospital and have been diagnosed with…..
1. Hypertension
2. Autoimmune Hepatitis
3. A Pararectal Abscess
4. Diabetes
5. Hereditary Hemocromatosis
I’m not complaining too much, I just hate to cause so much worry for The Boss, the kids and grandkids. Not to mention the loss of income though I do have sick pay and medical insurance.
I’m now back at work and catching up on a lot of the bills without The Boss working enough overtime to put herself in the grave, but we can’t keep up with everything. I lost my truck and they will be coming after me for more money even though they sold it for more than I owed.
Now we have gotten official notice of the foreclosure of our house which is falling apart anyway. They will auction it on June 2nd. We now have to move which we have known for a while but not when. We will rent a place for about half what this place costs without the maintainence.
This is a good thing as far as I’m concerned because if I end up off work again I don’t want to worry about The Boss trying to work 25 hours a day to keep up with the bills.
I’m just venting, but it’s because I am getting tired of dealing with specialists who think I am secondary to my interesting and rare ailments.
My Doc. Referred me to a blood specialist to set up a treatment program for Hemocromatosis. The treatment that is most effective is phlebotomy. That’s just taking about a liter of blood every so often to reduce iron levels in my body.
I got a call from the specialist’s office yesterday and they canceled my appointment for the 20th because the Doctor is still recovering from knee surgery that he had 2 months ago. They made the appointment a month ago after his surgery. Now they have canceled and told me they would call me later.
The longer I go without treatment the more problems I will have. My GP is now going to refer me to another Doctor but I’ll have to drive over 30 miles each way to see him whenever I get an appointment.
I guess all the problems and delays are getting me a little down right now.
I try no stay upbeat for the family. One trip to the hospital I passed out and the first thing I heard on waking up was my oldest stepdaughter crying and saying over and over Dad doesn’t ever get sick.
I don’t ever want to hear that again. Of course it was an impression (not true) I have tried to project to everyone around me.
It’s time I stopped feeling sorry for myself and got on with it (life that is.) or a reasonable facsimile thereof.
I sure hope my spellchecker can handle all the words I’m typing.
I try to remember that it looks darkest before the storm but the sun looks twice as bright afterwards.
Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!!! Or, fuck me till I grow a brain
Nite all!!!.
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  • At 12:47 PM, Blogger chattymoon2012

    Oh Nitwit I have so much sympathy for all you are going thru, esp. all your health problems. Don't worry your family doesn't blame you for the monetary problems. You are doing all you are able. It must be very hard to leave your own home to rent, but as you say, the responsibility for keeping it won't be missed. All I ever did was rent. Of course my parents own their own place but back in those days things were much different. I don't miss having the house I didn't get now. My husband is 65 and is retired but still working a little. I never know how my mental health will go. I'm so sorry for all your problems, and hope pretty soon things will look up for you...take care, Linda

  • At 4:46 AM, Blogger Babs

    Damn, you've been through alot! And are still going through alot. Cripes man! Bitch and whine away. Use your blog to vent if you want too.
    I hope things get better for you. And your comment did mean something to me.
    Also have to say, that picture is awesome.

  • At 5:31 PM, Blogger leo myshkin

    i'm not going to complain anymore after reading of your troubles. it's a good thing you have sense of humor.

    it reminds me of the old heinlein quote:

    People who go broke in a big way never miss any meals. It is the poor jerk who is shy a half slug who must tighten his belt.

  • At 5:43 PM, Blogger Babs

    Insurance companies are greedy?? Say it isn't so!!!

  • At 9:27 AM, Blogger Babs

    Yep, good news about Dad. I'll check in later to see when/if he is home.
    Leftover pass-out potato salad? Ahh, that can work too. That's ok about the prize. It will sit here until I get tired of it being in the corner. Hope you sleep!!

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