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Monday, June 12, 2006
Unusual Universe

There is a theory which states that if ever anyone discovers exactly what the Universe is for and why it is here, it will instantly disappear and be replaced by something even more bizarre and inexplicable. There is another theory which states that this has already happened.
Douglas Adams

Hmmm. I guess that either someone has discovered what the Universe is for, and the result is the way things have been going for the past few years are the new bizarre replacement.
Then again it could be that The Gump and his cronies believe this theory and are doing everything they can to stop anyone from making the discovery.

Moving sucks!
I have discovered that my old house has Elves who come out when the house is empty and add more stuff to the collection that we still have to find room for in the new place.
The other thing that I have discovered is that all my friends and relatives schedules are more crowded the more help I need.

The U-Haul from hell that wouldn’t start on Monday night was finally jump started on Wednesday morning and I drove it to the new place and had it unloaded before 1:00 PM.
That’s when I discovered it wouldn’t start again. It was finally towed away at 5:30 PM just in time for me to settle up and get my deposit back. We have been unpacking and arranging things ever since. Week one of my vacation is shot all to hell, and we still have more junk to move.

I also had my check-up with my Doctor on last Tuesday and he said all my blood work is just about perfect. That’s the good news; the bad news is that my wonderful abscess is back with so far 2 types of bacteria and the expensive antibiotics and visits to the ladies at the wound clinic again. Well, at least we started treatment without ending up in the Hospital again.

I have only read about 4 chapters of Dean Koontz’s new book The Husband. I have been a little busy and like to draw out the experience when it is one of my favorite authors.

I watched the Harrison Ford movie Firewall the other day and thought it was good. I have Last Vacation with Queen Latifah and may watch it before I go to bed if I’m not too tired. I could use a laugh or two.

I also want to go see X-Men The Last Stand but might just wait for the DVD.

We want to go see the Reds play baseball but I don’t know if we will be able to. Three hour drive and a gazillion bucks for tickets and food and they might not even win. Their doing well enough this year that almost all the games are on TV to boot.
We do always have a great time when we go though.

I’m not quite in the mood to rant about all the crap in the news lately. Maybe I’ll boil over later and really rip one off.

Oh, by the way the three days with the U-Haul from hell. I traveled a grand total of 5.3 miles and one of the things that went wrong was the truck ran out of gas even though the gauge read more than ¼ tank. Even with gas and a jump it wouldn’t start. The tow truck driver told me that the U-Haul trucks break down all the time and if I needed another one go to Budget. They take good care of their trucks. Live and learn.

Speaking of out of gas I think that’s me as I didn’t get much sleep last night. Lucky I have the movies till Wednesday. Time to go check my eye lids for light leaks.
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  • At 6:02 AM, Blogger apositivepessimist

    Well I reckon the towie would know...seems he might do good business through U-Haul. I will keep his suggestion in mind if ever needed.

    Night Nit :)

  • At 11:32 AM, Blogger yellowdog granny

    you should have had a giant yard sale before you moved...that's what im going to do...when i leave the only thing im leaving the house with is my toothbrush.

  • At 2:50 PM, Blogger Babs

    Moving sucks!
    Oh, I can't start a Dean Koontz book and put it down. I have to finish it ASAP.
    Ah... don't bother with the news, it's a bunch of crap like you said.
    Hope the move from hell is over for you soon.

  • At 7:03 PM, Blogger leo myshkin

    the last time i rented a u-haul the exact same thing happened. it ran out of gas after about 5 miles and gas guage said there was plenty.

    maybe we got the same van, or they're all pieces of shit.