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Friday, March 13, 2009
Childhood: Then and Now
I thought this was interesting.
I wish I had done more of this with my kids.
I thought she was describing my childhood instead of hers.

Childhood: Then and Now

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  • At 6:22 PM, Blogger yellowdog granny

    you posted you posted....hot dang..
    I agree 100 percent...when i was a kid back in the stone ages..we age breakfast and were thrown out of the house...we'd usually eat lunch at who ever's house we happened to be at at lunch time..usually peanut butter/jelly and kool-aid..
    we'd come home in time for dinner..we had the most important toy in the world..our imaginations..
    we played cowboys/indians, tarzan and jane, I loved being cheeta...pirates, we'd get our mom to give us each one crappy piece of jewelry and find a cigar box and it was our chest and we'd bury it and then 'discover' it ...we played ball, we played freeze, we lay on our backs and argued about what the clouds looked like..it's a rabbie, oh bullshit, it's a horse..
    after the day the earth stood still came out we played earthlings and aliens...I'm 65 years old and i still have scars from some of those games we played..but never cried or made a big deal out of it..like the post said..we were bad asses..
    remember going to the sat. matinee and staying all day long.
    today? kids would never make it in our world...glad your back..hope you will keep it up..how ya doing?
    who got the shoes.?