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Monday, December 26, 2005
Hey! I'm Still Here!
Maybe Christmas, the Grinch thought, doesn't come from a store. Theodor Geisel


All, the talk I hear about a war on Christmas is a day late and a dollar short.
All evidence I see show that every religious holiday even some very old religions has been co-opted by the constant effort of big business to wring every cent out of people they can, even when people don’t have any. Halloween, Christmas, Easter and all the less well known have been taken over.

We had a quite Christmas here, I am still off work and have yet to get my first temporary disability check, and I last worked on November 7th. That means that my two teenage boys get to practice penitents if they want any of the things they want from Santa.
Me, The Boss and my two boys sat down for a big meal together for the first time this year and that was good. I was in the hospital for Thanksgiving so I cooked a big turkey and a ham. I ate too much and enjoyed it all.

People have been asking about my health and though I’m sick of the whole subject I suppose I should update my journey.
  1. Diagnosed with Autoimmune Hepatitis after three weeks of tests. I take Prednisone (steroids) and Imuran to lower my immune system and keep it from attacking my liver. My liver functions are slowing improving, but their have been side effects.

  2. 23 November I developed something called a Para rectal abscess from two types of bacteria flourishing with my lowered immune system. If you want to know what this is I’ll just say it was over 3” deep and is only about 1/3rd healed. I’ll just say that given a choice between this and severe hemorrhoids I would trade.

  3. My December 14th blood test showed an elevated sugar level. Enough to call Pre diabetic. Went in on the 21st for blood test and to learn to test my blood sugar. I tested with a level of 434. The nurse gave me a shot of insulin without waiting for the blood test results from the lab. I now get to take another pill called Metformin to control my blood sugar and test myself three times a day. This pill could put Ex Lax out of business if the side effects continued longer than a few days.

  4. So far that is all I have but everything is a little clearer now. Uncontrolled diabetes can cause you to doze off even when you have had plenty of sleep. It can cause vision problems and fuzzy thinking that makes it hard to concentrate just like A.D.D. That explains what has been happening to me lately. I find it hard to even comment on other Blogs. Hopefully as I get this under control I will start bothering people with my Nitwitery again.

I am still looking at a long recovery period and may never be able to go back to my job, but that is something that only time will tell.

I can’t wait to see what new side effect I get next. As that is what is causing my other problems.
I have been following all my favorite Blogs and even signed up for the Here in The Ivory Tower group on Yahoo but I haven’t  chatted in a long time in real time. So I’m shy. Sue me.

Glad to see people are helping others make it through the holidays and I am amazed by how many ways that Blogging has expanded the way people reach out and enrich our lives. Blogging has yet to show all its future promise.

Well, time to check how sweet I am and then off to bed as I get to visit the wound clinic at 2 PM. Will Blog more later.
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  • At 10:09 AM, Blogger Babs

    Man, you've been through a lot!!! thanks for letting us know the details. We just knew you were "ill".
    Here's to recovery, though you say it's going to be a long one. I bet that diabetes thing is helping you feel somewhat better already. Not having it, but treating it...

    Tell them to give you a damn check!

  • At 5:17 PM, Blogger yellowdog granny

    boy howdy..you've been really sick...so sorry..that sucks...i have a lot of homeopathic books..so will look up and see what they say..(my cure for everything is vit. e, aloe vera and cranberry juice..) glad to hear you are feeling better....remember my advice...chin up...tits out