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Wednesday, March 14, 2007
Older men declare war. But it is the youth that must fight and die.
Herbert Hoover

Around the time when I was hatched there were about 2.5 billion people on this sorry rock and roughly 150 million in the United States. Well there has been a little bit of progress in the last 50 years and now there are about 6.5 billion people around with about 300 million in the U.S. not counting the illegal’s that is.
In another 25 years or so there should be more than 9 billion people taking up space around the world.
To me this means that their will never be a shortage of people to piss me off. I just don’t know how we are going to feed them all.
Just look at how well we do now.

Speaking of being pissed off I find myself with more subjects than I could write about in a year right now and have to start being selective in the ones I spend time writing about.

Let’s see, there is the Libby conviction and the real investigation that is being forgotten about. You know, who gets to go to jail for outing Plame. I like what Libby’s wife said after the verdict. She said, “Were going to fuck them now.” meaning the people who set him up as a scapegoat.

Then there is the story that hasn’t gotten much press. There is a new way to profit from doing the bidding of the lobbyists. Remember the Democrats passed new rules to prevent the kind o things that have been going on in the Republican controlled Congress.

The new game involves inviting lobbyists to join trips and such for a set price. This price is a little higher than you might think due to the people who will be on the trip. You pay $20,000.00 for a $2,000.00 trip and the Congressman or Senator and their family pays nothing to go on the same trip. They sure are an ethical bunch now aren’t they?

Then we could go on to the Walter Reid scandal, but that story has been the same for more than 50 years. If you can’t go off and fight for Exxon/Mobile and other corporations you don’t exist anymore.

Then there is the growing list of Military units that have been deployed to Iraq three times. Even during Vietnam you only had to go one time. They are even sending wounded people back. I guess it’s better than being an out patient at Walter Reid.

Nope, this is all peanuts compared to what I read the other day, and it goes back to my talk of world and U.S. population at the top of the page.

Maybe you remember a slug, I mean a former Democratic Senator from Georgia named of all things Zell Miller. He’s the one who came out in support of the Gump and Big Dick in 2004. He was even one of the speakers at the Republican National Convention.

This genius has been speaking in public again, in this case to the Save a life Center of Macon, Georgia. He told them that the killing of unborn babies was the cause of many of America’s woes, including its military, Social Security, and immigration problems. He claims that we are too few because of the abortion policies of the last 30 years.

He claims that there would have been 45 million children born if the Supreme Court decision on Roe vs. Wade had been different. He went on to say that if those 45 million children had been born they would be defending our country, they would be filling jobs and they would be paying into Social Security.

Of course he doesn’t mention that the 45 million would have consisted of mostly unwanted pregnancies that would have put an additional strain on the social programs that have been cut repeatedly over the last 13 years.
The more poor people the more cannon fodder.

He should just make a switch to the Republican Party. I mean I’m used to them spouting this kind of bullshit. He is worse than most of them as he calls himself something he isn’t in addition to saying anything to get reelected.

I can’t understand why he didn’t get reelected. Obviously all the people who would have voted for him were part of the 45 million.

Maybe he should have been one of them.
Who names their kid Zell anyway?
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  • At 11:43 PM, Blogger Scottish Toodler

    Have you read FREAKONOMICS? Great book and interesting theory about abortion. I hope Libby and his wife do expose what is really happening. And I hope that Plame takes them to civil suite and sues the pants off them... Give 'em enough rope and even Karl Rove and Dick Cheney will hang themselves... as for the population explosion, don't worry about getting pissed off, with all the water shortages, epidemics and violent behaviour, I think we can count on a very REDUCED population by 2050. Cheery huh?

  • At 11:56 AM, Blogger ruby rocks

    things are getting pretty crowded on this planet. it's no wonder we can't get along with each other.

    when the watering hole gets smaller, the animals get meaner.

  • At 11:20 PM, Blogger yellowdog granny

    old soldiers never die..only young ones....

    there are so many things that piss me off lately, I don't know if I should spit or go blind...
    I don't care how many people there are..as long as they don't move to West by Goddess, Texas...